Emergency Preparedness

AOBA's Emergency Preparedness Committee, established in 2013, works on educational and preparedness initiatives. This Committee is chaired by Matt Smith, Director of Security, Monday Properties Services, LLC. If questions arise, please contact Marie L. Tibor or Peggy Jeffers at 202.296.3390.

Sources of Local Emergency Preparedness Information

National Capital Region Updates - Helpful, local news, weather and information

Metropolitan Police Department Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCPoliceDept

DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency Twitter: https://twitter.com/DC_HSEMA

CAPITALERT: Free sign up for local government alerts: http://www.capitalert.gov/

Lessons Learned from AOBA Educational Programs

Slides from "Preparing for an Unexpected Emergency" from Sept. 12, 2013 Seminar

Slides from May 30, 2013 Webinar- Joint AOBA/ASIS Program on Emergency Preparedness (for commercial property management professionals)

Lessons Learned from the Boston Marathon Bombings - a report for commercial real estate professionals

Lessons Learned: Report on Security Operations During Major Events - Designed for commercial building managers, this Report outlines success factors and lessons learned in preparing for a major city event.

Resources for Property Managers

Emergency Preparedness Resources - Greatest Hits - This list was compiled in May 2012 by AOBA with input from its Emergency Preparedness Task Force. While focused on DC and including excellent sites such as http://hsema.dc.gov, the majority of these sites provide helpful information that is not location-specific.

Emergency Preparedness for Commercial Owner/Managers - In May of 2012, AOBA hosted a seminar for commercial property managers. Click here to review powerpoint presentations from two of our expert speakers at this program.

Hurricane Preparedness - The BOMA Chapter in New York developed a checklist that members may find useful in preparing for a major storm.

Emergency Preparedness for Multifamily Managers - In October of 2012, AOBA hosted an Emergency Preparedness Training Seminar for Multifamily Managers. This program was sponsored by Minkoff Company, Inc. Click here to review powerpoint presentations from our speakers at this educational program. Also, the National Apartment Association has helpful emergency preparedness info on their website and a resource library of documents for NAA members.

Shelter in Place Resources

Depending on the emergency, the best method for protection may be to evaluate the situation and shelter in place while the hazard is being reduced. Below are some resources to assist in developing or improving your building's shelter in place program.

Preparedness 360- www.preparedness360.org – Click on “Work” to find shelter in place information and resources.

American Red Cross Fact Sheet on Shelter in Place

Redefining Readiness Report: “With the Public’s Knowledge, We Can Make Shelter in Place Possible”

Department of Labor- OSHA e-Tool on Shelter in Place